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He should be sitting there right now on trial for resisting arrest,” Wilson said. Wilson said Slager’s testimony describing Scott as “wiggling” underneath him also indicates there wasn’t a violent struggle. “And with 50,000 volts I bet Staten island home renovations he was wiggling,” she said. She said the only evidence that Scott had Slager’s Taser came from Slager. Wilson had Staten island commercial contractor previously played the cell phone video that showed Scott running away with the Taser rolling on the ground behind Slager. Attorneys Staten island kitchen remodel for Scott’s family have also argued that the video showed Slager trying to plant evidence at the scene, moving a Taser closer to Scott’s body. Wilson, in her closing, said Slager never rolled Scott’s body over to find the Taser because he knew where to find it. She argued that Slager “knows that Taser is a problem for him.” Wilson said the officer’s “instincts” told him to get the Taser and drop it next to Scott’s body. “There is no good explanation for that. There is no excuse for that,” Wilson said. On Tuesday, Slager testified that he knew he was “in trouble” after Scott wrestled his Taser away and briefly pointed it at him.

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